About the MadKrab

Why associate with an ill-tempered, tacky and incorrectly spelled crustacean? To the contrary, we do not wish people to become crabs nor for them to become mad. You may ask: if not angry, then what is Mad? Mad is a state of being; an embodiment of letting our beautiful brains create something seemingly outlandish. Now all you need is a foundation, a canvas to inspire. Hence, the Krab, a cool crustacean with a wacky brain that just wants to create something new out of the old. No matter what, when you throw on MadKrab apparel, we encourage you to feel the magic brew in those beautiful cranial noodles of yours, and let it flow out of your paint brush onto the canvas of the world. Your life will be filled with light before you know it, or your money back garunteed.

In all seriousness, this is a trial of navigating the real world and showing this author’s creations and thoughts to the planet. It may be out there, so enjoy the trip 🙂


“Help! I’m a surfer and can’t understand why people can’t let things go with the flow! Any suggestions?”

Simply unleash the Krab my friend! True, some people aren’t meant to get it the first time round. However a crab just keeps scurrying along, oblivious to the decisions they may have made or are going to make far down the line. After all, the current washes them around, predators circle them, and they get hungry. Fast. Why worry? Just find your next step and take it, for the world is short and fleeting and, if you bother to read, you have the time!

Anonymous Rippah